How to Improve the Home for an Elderly Loved One

Health problems are not uncommon for the elderly. Their ages make them prone to a variety of types of accidents and emergencies, especially if health concerns are already there. It’s important that you make the environment safe for your elderly loved one to minimize these risks. How can you improve the safety in the home for your elderly loved one?

·    Start in the three most common rooms for injury: the bedroom, hallway, and living room. Inspect each room, looking for any potential dangers. Remove these dangers immediately.

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·    Make sure there are working smoke detectors in each main room of the home.

·    Secure rugs to the floor with non-skid backing to prevent slip and fall injuries.

·    Replace rugs that are worn out, which is noted by edges that begin to curl.

·    Use elderly services roy for your loved one. This professional service offers an abundance of help for elderly of all ages and gives you peace of mind and protection.

·    Keep electrical cords out of the walkway and keep the floor free of clutter.

·    Install nightlights and other lighting in the home to reduce injuries at night.

·    Upgrade the bathroom fixtures to those that can help prevent elderly injuries. Walk in tubs are popular for many people.

·    Make sure your loved one takes medications as prescribed. It’s dangerous to miss even one dose of many medications, particularly those for cardiovascular problems.

Elderly care is not as difficult as you might suspect, but it does take some effort. Keep the above tips in mind to improve the safety of the home of our loved one. Your loved one may not be ready for the rocking’ chair, but that isn’t to say they cannot use an improvement in their home safety.